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16 January 2019

Today I (re)launched my personal blog. Looks like you found it.

Without getting too far down the rabbit-hole of the how, what, and why, let me introduce to you the basics of what make this site, well… this site.

Built with Kirby 3
Kirby is a wonderful Content Management System that recently launched it’s third major version. Kirby (unlike alternatives such as Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla etc.) is a flat-file CMS. No database needed. The benefits of avoiding a database include:

Fancy code highlighting
It wouldn’t be a technical blog if it didn’t have fancy syntax highlighting, and Prism has me covered in under 20kb of CSS and JavaScript. I plan to write a post shortly detailing how I implemented Prism in a highly performant manner, using some of Kirby’s features to help out.

UPDATE: the post is up now. Check it out here.

    // Get a list of posts, in reverse chronological order
    return function($site) {
        return $site->find('blog')->children()->sortBy('date','desc');

Dark theme support
A very niche site feature to mention here, but when it works, it works like magic. At the time of writing, macOS Mojave with Safari Technology Preview is the only platform that currently supports this feature, but as the support improves, more platforms should benefit. Let’s hope this happens sooner rather than later.

July 2019 updateAs of July 2019, dark mode support has improved dramatically. Stable editions of Firefox and Safari both support dark mode, while beta editions of both Chrome and Microsoft Edge support it too.

Smooth as h**k page transitions
Not going to lie, I spent more time trying to figure this one out than I really should have. Try clicking on links. Try browsing around the site in general. Smooth, right? Yeah. Using some SVG tomfoolery, and a bit of JavaScript knowhow, no more janky “now you’re here, BAM, now you’re not” behaviour. Maybe I’ll write a post detailing this soon.

July 2019 updateSince publishing this post, I’ve updated the blog’s design and some of its functionality too. While page transitions are still super smooth, I’m now using Swup for page loading.

And importantly, content
Without committing to any schedules, I hope to post here semi-regularly with tidbits that I find interesting during my pursuits as an InfoSec defender of bits.

While I have a few ideas for upcoming content, such as detailing some of the more interesting aspects of the implementation of this website, I’d rather not paint myself into a corner.

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